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is the New Gold Standard.     

Cleangold® Recovery Systems

Cleangold is the most efficient gravity separation for fine gold yet invented and is being used on every continent in the world except Antarctica!

 It has been used to recover the losses from riffled, carpet and matted sluices, flotation systems, cyanide extractions, centrifuge, shaker and miller tables.  Cleangold processes ore faster than any other gravity method and accomplishes the task in heavy mineral ores such as garnet, pure magnetite and other heavy black sands.  It is compact and light so it is easily transported for small remote operations, even those processing 1-2 tons of ore per hour. Cleanups only take about 10-15 minutes regardless of the size of the operation. Spending hours using a miller table, centrifugal bowl or spiral wheel processing concentrates?  You should be using Cleangold.

Cleangold is an entirely new way to handle gold smaller than 100 mesh yet also provides quick cleanups for operations handling larger gold. It easily recovers gold, platinum group metals and other high density minerals as fine as 2500 mesh.  Cleangold also processes ore or concentrates with far less water than any other gravity method and it does it with any available water – fluidized bed centrifuges require clean, particle free process water and cost hundreds of times more than Cleangold systems.

 Return on investment (ROI) for operations currently losing fine gold is generally less than one week and completely eliminates the need and hazards of using mercury or leaching solutions.  It also recovers fine gold coated in oxides that toxins like cyanide or mercury can’t recover. This makes Cleangold products affordable to anyone, including the world’s poorest miners.