• Fossickers Pyramid Pro Production Pan

    The Fossickers Pyramid Pro Pan is the most efficient production pan in the world – You can use it to prospect, assay or do high volume production. The Pyramid Pro Pan has been designed to move high volumes of gravel in a very short time and recover most, if not all heavy materials like gold, platinum and gems. It is one of the easiest pans to learn and the average recovery with all types of materials is usually 85-98%. It easily captures fine gold down to 150 mesh without losing large pickers or nuggets. The Pyramid Pro Pan is legal in all 50 States.

    The Pyramid Pro Pan is about two pounds yet has been constructed to take a beating – It’s body is made from high density polyethylene with stainless steel riffles. The handles are made of heavy aluminum and are built to take the strain of constant use. The Pyramid Pro Pan is guaranteed for life. “If it isn’t in your Pyramid Pro Pan it just isn’t there”

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  • Fossickers Maverick Finishing Pan

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Fossickers Maverick Finishing Pan

    The Fossickers Maverick is the finest finishing pan on the market and is designed for maximum efficiency and ease. It is easy to learn and simple to master – The maverick allows you to redefine and enjoy the art of panning.

    The Maverick is designed so you can’t lose your concentrates over the lip like most other pans and it can be tailored to fit your individual panning requirements with the use of grit strips included with the pan. These features make the Maverick an exceptional finishing pan.

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