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Update/Repair Equipment – Let our staff repair your current equipment or increase its versatility by updating it to a matted system.   We offer standard vortex, combination vortex/Cleangold or full Cleangold systems.    We can also update your current hopper or spray bar for use in matted systems or sell you one of our hopper products.   Updating equipment you already own is very affordable when compared to purchasing new equipment – Please call 916 833-5947 to discuss your options.  If you have an A52 sluice you can easily update it yourself using our A52 hopper and patented A52 insert.  Go to our products page for more information.

Custom Equipment/Product Fabrication – Snake River Products can help you update your commercial operation – We can build systems to process material up to 10 tons/hr.  SRP is also capable of incorporating small gold recovery systems into your existing operation.  Fine gold recovery systems have an extremely fast return on investment and will help you maximize the potential of your operation.

Material Content Analysis – We provide material content analysis of both placer and hard rock samples to prove viability of new claim opportunities or extending current operations.  Analysis and reporting takes 2-3 weeks and cost per sample is $200.  Hard rock samples need to be ground to at least 200 mesh prior to mailing.

Loss Analysis (Tailing/Material Sampling) – Snake River Products can help determine the efficiency of your current equipment and its capability to process different materials in your operation.  This analysis can help you determine if any changes are needed in your operation, type of equipment needed and return on investment of improvements to your operation.  Cost per sample is $85 and a forty pound sample is recommended.  Allow 1-2 weeks for reporting.